Discovering What I Like and What I’m Good At

In my previous post I talked about falling in love with fitness and more specifically powerlifting. This is kind of new to me. I’ve never really had something before that I loved to do. I have friends who are obsessed with books or love art or anime or video games to the point that I would call what they do a hobby and not just a pastime.

I have always liked a lot of things, but nothing I was ever so in love with that I always wanted to do it or that it always stuck with me. As I mentioned previously, I have kind of always been a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. The other side of that is the master of none portion, which sucks. Lots of things come to me fairly easily in the beginning, but I never really become very good at them or master the skills in any way. I always seem to give up when I stop doing well and just sort of coast through being moderately okay at whatever I do. At the same time though I am fairly competitive; I want to be the best. I think thats part of why I give up. Once someone does better than me I just kind of stop trying. If I don’t try I can’t lose right?

Then I found powerlifting. I love it. Even though I know I’m not amazing at it, even though there are people in the world who are a million times better than me; I still love it. That to me is amazing and new and so helpful. Exercising has helped my anxiety so much. I’m still pretty chubby, I haven’t lost much weight, and I need to work on what I consider my addiction to sugar, but I effing love powerlifting. I love the gym.

I think having a hobby is important. I think having something that you like doing regularly is important. Having a hobby has changed my whole life. I noticed well before finding powerlifting that I didn’t have a thing I loved or was obsessed with (healthy obsession, not like addiction level obsessed). I wanted to be in love with something; a TV show, writing poems, colouring, running, anything. I mean I am in love with my boyfriend, but it’s not the same thing.

Powerlifting became that thing. It is that thing. It brings me joy. It came into my life at the perfect time, a time when I really needed something special. A healthy emotional outlet.

Everyone should find their thing. Art, music, reading, stamp collections, whatever makes you happy. Find it. Hold it. Use it to propel you forward.

How can you find your thing? Well that’s both simple and difficult. You have to go out and try things. Try skating, try boxing, try reading new books, writing stories and poems. Try stuff. See if you like it. If you don’t, try something else. Try try try. Sounds simple, but that’s the hard part. Trying new things can be so hard. It’s scary. It often costs money. It’s time consuming. However once you find it, it’s such a wonderful thing. So go out and try something new. Who knows. Maybe you’ll fall in love.


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