Fourth Times the Charm? pt 2

So at this point I’ve been in three different programs and have two basically useless certificates and 20-ish thousand dollars in OSAP loans. Through it all I worked a job at a fast food restaurant. I don’t hate it but I certainly don’t want to be there forever either.

I began applying for jobs at salons as an assistant or receptionist. Finally I got a bite. I get invited in for a few working interviews at a downtown salon. Eventually they hired me and I began my new job. I worked there about 35 hours a week and continued to work at the fast food joint about 10-20 hours a week. I was content-ish at this point, but I was still looking at my options. I got very into beauty in a way I hadn’t before; watching YouTube hair and makeup tutorials like it’s my job, buying high end makeup instead of stuff exclusively from the drugstore. I considered becoming an esthetician, but it still doesn’t seem quite right.

Part of me still wants my bachelors degree and at this time I didn’t care in what. To be honest I LOVE school. I love going to lectures, I love learning new things, I just love all of it. I also wanted to feel equal to a lot of the people I went to high school with. I didn’t want to go around with two college certificates that did basically nothing for me and nothing else to my name. I wanted my degree. Super bougee in some ways since I didn’t  (and still don’t) have the money to just get my degree in anything. There needs to be a job at the end of my post secondary rainbow, not just internal feelings of satisfaction. Satisfaction doesn’t pay the bills.

I continued in my job at the salon, but at this point I was tired of working two jobs. I couldn’t afford to only work the salon and I didn’t want to work in food service any more. I asked a coworker to keep her ears open for anything and eventually she told me a friend of hers was looking for a full time receptionist position at the company she worked for. I was like yes! This is my opportunity to leave food service! I gave her my resume and interviewed with her as well as the manager above her. I got the job. I was so excited.

I started my position and found out it was more sales than reception. Possibly my worst nightmare because at this time I was pretty sure I couldn’t sell anything, I thought I didn’t have it in me to push products at people. It turns out that when you’re selling things people need it’s a bit easier. Plus it isn’t high pressure sales, and I still get paid hourly wage as well.

So here I am basically at the end of this story so far, but first you might be asking yourself (if you’ve kept track), what’s the fourth? This story isn’t out my jobs it’s about figuring out my career. What’s the fourth school program thing? Whats the solution.

Well, since about October I’ve been looking at programs I could take that revolved around health, fitness, and nutrition. This is because about January of 2016 I started going to the gym. First I just started out with the machines doing 3 sets usually of each. I started researching more about exercising, following fitness YouTubers like Nikki Blackketter, MegSquats, Amanda Bucci and the like. I started with an upper body lower body split with a third day of full body. I eventually fell in love with powerlifting. This is what made me look into health.

I am currently enrolled at Queens University in their online Health Sciences degree program. This is the fourth school program I have done. Will the fourth time be the charm? Boy do I hope so.


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